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Ethiopian Calendar and Date Converter for Mobiles – EtCal

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One of the coolest Ethiopian app out there is EtCal. EtCal is a full featured Ethiopian Calendar App with Date Conversion and list of holidays for your mobile.

ETCal Ethiopian calendar ios

The Ethiopian Calendar EtCal is the first mobile app available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and J2ME compatible feature phones. It is used to track date in Ethiopian Calendar and national holidays in Ethiopia. It can also be used to convert dates between Gregorian and Ethiopian calendars.

Ethiopian to European Calendar converter


The App starts with current Ethiopian date highlighted in a home screen that has three basic items on a Tab layout. Namely the Month view, Day view and List view. The Month view shows dates in a grid for the current or navigated month in Ethiopian Calendar. In this View, the App highlights the date with a Public Holidays in red color. The Day view shows List of public information related to the current or navigated date including holiday(s) in that date, religious information and internationally recognized dates. The List View shows the list of public holidays for the navigated year. From all the above views, it is possible to navigate to previous, current, next or random date by using navigation controls [vertical scrolling for iOS]. The App also has a view to navigate to any date and to view dates both in Ethiopian and Gregorian calendars (date conversions).

App Developer: Elias Haileselassie.

Download EtCal on Below Links

  1. Apple iOS v2 https://appsto.re/us/_AQMy.i
  2. Android v1 http://goo.gl/E0zSdF
  3. Windows Phone v1 https://goo.gl/bApXI2
  4. Feature phones v1 http://goo.gl/EcGW0u

Like ETCal Facebook Page for updated info and future release: http://facebook.com/etcal

EtCal Version 1 works with J2ME compatible Feature Phones

 Ethiopian Software is excited to introduce the newly updated EtCal. If you are a developer contact us with a brief summary to promote for free on EthiopianSoftware.

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