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Ethiopian Tech Innovation: Software engineer Daniel Getachew Creating Smart Devices

by Ethiopian Software

An Ethiopian software engineer Daniel Getachew has come up with an innovation that will allow people to make power adapters and bulbs perform beyond their basic functions. The smart device will enable a phone to control bulbs, the charging of electronic devices and a free wireless connection.

This is how most of us charge our phones now and often they’ll remain connected to a power supply after the battery is full. Daniel Getachew,a computer engineer, says this is a waste of power that can be controlled. He’s designed what he calls Fanos technology. It’s supported by a smartphone app which sets the percentage to charge the device to. Once that’s reached – the power is automatically disconnected.

DANIEL GETACHEW COMPUTER ENGINEER “The device has smart relay devices and wireless modules so that it will switch on and off the power throughout the device. It is not actually charging your phone because you already have the device but you will plug your old charger into your Fanos box so that the power flow will be smart.”

The technology works for bulbs too, which can be attached to a power supply through the smart device. Then a phone can switch lights on and off – from miles away. When he travelled to China in 2015, Daniel bought a wifi module and a power relay, which he’s incorporated into his innovation to also enable users to create chat platforms for free.

DANIEL GETACHEW COMPUTER ENGINEER “With the app you can chat through device. The device, so the device will act like a router and the smart phone application will be used like a chatting platform so people can chat through the device.”

For now he’s at prototype stage – but Daniel hopes the end product will look like this.

COLETTA WANJOHI ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA “It has taken Daniel one year to develop this technology , but his challenge now is how to find investors who will support him to manufacture these smart devices.”

Before this luck shines on him he continues to work on improving the prototype to be able to control more electronics devices like television and air conditioners, just by a tap on the phone. Coletta Wanjohi – CGTN – Addis Ababa , Ethiopia

Source: CGTN.COM



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