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How to Use CBE’s Mobile Banking in Ethiopia

by Daniel Eshetu

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) recently started a new technology of banking system in Ethiopia known as mobile banking. This technology is widely used in many countries and Ethiopian banks are trying to keep up with the technology.  By using the Mobile banking you can easily check your account balance, transfer money, add friends and many more.

First let’s see step by step how you can get this service from CBE.

Of course in order to use this service you have to have a CBE Commercial Bank of Ethiopia bank account.

Next what you got to do is just go to the nearest branch of the bank and the first person you get behind the counter you want to start using their mobile banking system.

They will give you a form to be filled. This form has fields which includes your account type & number, what kind of phone you use (to use the app or just the normal phone service). After filling it give it to the worker who is serving you.

mobile Banking cbe

cbe mobile banking

After a moment they will send you SMS by your phone number. The next step is just following the steps in the text message you get to activate your service. But if you are using smart phones the process is a little bit different.

For smartphone users you have to download the CBE mobile app which is found in play store and apple store. After this you have to activate the app using the activation key they send you. Then you have to insert another activation key you will get this from the bank service provider. The last step is putting your pin that you got in the text message and change it to a new one.


Now let’s see what services you can get from the mobile banking

When you login to the app you will see your account balance. At the bottom of the screen there are three tabs.

The first is My Accounts where you will land whenever you login and check your account balance.

The second tab contains two things Transfer and People.

By pressing Transfer you can choose a transfer type including to your other account, beneficiaries, any CBE account and even to a non CBE account.

By pressing People you can add your friends account for later time fast and easy transactions.

The third tab (My service) contains update, activity summary, unsubscribe, about, and change pin tabs. Here you can update your account balance, see your activity & transaction summary, unsubscribe from mobile banking, change your login pin code, and read about the app.

So it’s the time to start the new banking system which is going to save your time, money and labor. If you have any questions comment below, thanks.

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Worku April 23, 2015 - 3:40 PM

I register to use Mobile Banking. I received the Pin Code but the system ask me the activation code. What is activation Code? and how I proceed to see my account

IG June 6, 2015 - 8:14 AM

Activation code is the one you need to have in order to activate the service and you’ll get it from the bank.

Amanuel D January 12, 2015 - 1:20 PM

We, customers need to be informed about the charges that CBE imposes on us while providing mobile banking services. It helps us to determine if we use it or not. Please, tell us about the service charges.

Daniel Eshetu March 4, 2015 - 4:30 PM

The mobile banking system is free of charges.
So feel free to use it.


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