Watch TechTalk with Solomon Samuel Alemayehu Ethiopia’s waste-to-enegry founder

Watch TechTalk with Solomon S13 Ep11 – ቆይታ ከረጲ waste-to-enegry የሃይል ጣቢያ መስራች ሳሙኤል አለማየሁ ጋር Samuel...

Watch TechTalk with Solomon S13 Ep6 – (ክፍል ሁለት) ቆይታ ከኮምፒውተር ሳይንቲስቱ ዶክተር ኮሚ ጋር

Kukulu Mobile Game

Kukulu: An African Themed 3D Mobile Game from Ethiopia

Kukulu an African themed 3D mobile runner game that takes the player on an adventure through the...

Ethiopian Tech Innovation: Software engineer Daniel Getachew Creating Smart Devices

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