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Dashen Bank Launches “AMOLE,” the New Ethiopian Digital Wallet

by Ethiopian Software

Dashen Bank, the leading private digital bank in Ethiopia, and its technology partner, Moneta Technologies, launched “Amole” based on its digital omni-channel payment platform.


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – July 26, 2018

Amole, named after the ancient salt-bar currency used in ancient Ethiopia, will offer mobile subscribers digital payment capability and access to aggregated digital products and services from Retailers, the Entertainment Industry, Airtime Dealers, Bill Payment Points, Airlines, Social Media Players and third-party service providers.

Dashen Bank intends to position Amole as a digital wallet that will trigger the growth of e-commerce in Ethiopia and promote financial inclusion across the country by ensuring a majority of the population in the country are roped into the financial inclusion net using technology.

Appearing as a keynote speaker at the launch event, Michael Joseph, former CEO of Safaricom in Kenya and “the father” of the M-Pesa mobile money-transfer service, said, “The measure of success for “Amole” will be whether it will change the Ethiopian people’s lives through financial inclusion and have a lasting impact on the people’s lives.”

“Our customers can now transact at their convenience, easily, safely and affordably, regardless of where they are – at any-time using Amole digital platform, without necessarily being physically present at the transaction point, all done without leaving the comfort of their homes, office or moments of relaxation,” said Asfaw Alemu President of Dashen Bank. “For example, now our customers can use Amole to buy eBooks (In-App Purchase) from Lomi, ETTA and SamiDan mobile applications and websites.”

Amole’s digital payment platform enables merchants and the bank’s agents with mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) to provide aggregated digital products and services (Digital Content) where our customers do their day-to-day shopping. This enables consumers to conveniently pay for their purchases, utility bill payments, person-to-person (P2P) transfers, electronic mobile top-up, Cash-in and Cash-out, among many other services using Amole or cash.

“By introducing Amole, we are enabling a sustainable e-commerce to other service providers to integrate with Amole platform for digital payments,” said Yemiru Chanyalew, the CEO of Moneta Technologies, Share Company. “There are many kinds of such services we have enabled with Amole, Airline ticketing with Ethiopian and Emirates Airlines, airtime purchase with Hidase Telecom, Social Media enabled payments with Meda plus much more…” Yemiru added.

At the launch of Amole on Wednesday July 18th 2018 at Sheraton Addis, the following ecosystem partner companies (Hidase Telecom, DStv, Shoa Supermarket, Lomi, ETTA, Zmall, Meda and SamiDan) exhibited their digital products and services that use Amole digital payment platform to over 500 attendees of the launch event.

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