Our Solar Syatem & Universe’s Amazing Facts -TechTalk With Solomon

Watch S7 Ep.2 Pt. 2 – Our Solar Syatem & Universe’s Amazing Facts -TechTalk With Solomon

በርግጥ ውሃ በቀይዋ ፕላኔት አለ? ያ ማለት ደግሞ፣ ከዚህ ቀደም በዚህች ፕላኔት ላይ ህይወት ነበር? ሰዎች ወደቀይዋ ፕላኔት ለመሄድ እያወዱ ነው፤ ወደሷ ለመሄድስ ምን ያህል ግዜ የሚወስድ ይመስላችኋል? ይህንና የማርስንና አስገራሚ የህዋ እውነታዎችንም ጨምሬ አስቃኛችኋለሁ። የሁኒቨርስ ታላቅነት አስገርሟችሁ ያውቃል? ከሶላር ሲስተማችን ተነስተን፣ ወዳለንበት ጋላክሲ፣ ከዚያም አልፈን ከአእምሮ አስተሳስብ በላይ ግዙፍ ስለሆነው ዩኒቨርስ በአስገራሚ እውነታዎች እያዋዛን በጥቂቱ እዳስሣለሁ ተከታተሉት።
Is there water on Mars? If so, was there life on the planet? Humans are planning to land on the Red Planet soon; how far is Mars and how long would it take to get there? I will also talk about some amazing facts about Mars. Have you ever wondered about the amazingly big universe? I will show you some amazing facts starting from our solar system, to our galaxy, and to the amazingly HUGE universe. Enjoy the show and share with others!
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