Kukulu: An African Themed 3D Mobile Game from Ethiopia

Kukulu an African themed 3D mobile runner game that takes the player on an adventure through the magical highlands of Ethiopia about to launch by the developers at Qene Technologies.

Kukulu’s co-horts “Ergeb” and “Qura” lead the way, dropping power-ups from the sky to aid her in her quest. You use these power-ups to avoid the frontal obstacles that come your way. Collecting the bright colored beans on the ground “Kolo” will keep your energy up throughout the game. You will also need to collect the magical items you come across by running into them. These items will help you gain powers that will come in handy later on into gameplay.

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Throughout this captivating story, lasting friendships will be forged, and deathly betrayals will be endured. Kukulu will struggle to build her skills while overcoming treacherous terrain, prevailing in the end as the tales hero.

In the game, you will play the main role of Kukulu. In each level, you will run for your life from the farmer and other villains.

Kukulu was created by Qene Technologies , a gaming company located in Addis Abeba Ethiopia, in partnership with Gebeya, a marketplace for the best of African Talent.

Kukulu will be available on Google Play and App Store in the coming winter of 2018.

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