C sharp intro (detail)

Welcome to the HeniLand C# Tutorial. This is a set of lessons suited for beginning to intermediate programmers or anyone who would like to gain familiarity w…

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  1. ሄኒ በጣም ደስ ይላል በዚሁ ቀጥልበት ግን እያንዳንዱ ቲቶሪያል ሎድ አድርገው እንወድሀለን የዩንቨርስቲ ተማሪዎች ነን
    ብዙ ነገር እንጠይቅሀለን

  2. Henock….I very much enjoyed your lesson.Keep it coming .I’m going to
    recommend this to everyone I know.We are following you buddy!

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