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Adwa 126 – 1888EC | Victory Reimagined!

by EthiopianSoftware

Adwa 126 – 1888EC | Victory Reimagined!

As a place to create the next gen of entrepreneurs & tech startups, our company name, 1888EC, refers to the date of the victorious Battle of Adwa on the Ethiopian Calendar (or EC). In addition to representing a pivotal part of Ethiopia’s independence history, ‘EC’ also stands for ‘Enterprise Central’. 1888EC’s creation originates from the idea of symbolizing the victory we want to re-imagine against poverty & illiteracy by empowering young entrepreneurs to innovate. Yes, our motto, “Victory Re-imagined!” embodies the essence of 1888EC as a tech startup studio committed to creating ventures to improve the lives of many through tech-based solutions.

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I would like to give my deepest gratitude to my brother Abel (will tag you) for his willingness to work on this project and kudos to him for his awesome and creative work!

Check out www.1888.studio to learn more.

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